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Business applications / accounting:

Check Printing Software - prints MICR checks for USA and Canadian banks
Asset Manage - organize and store records of assets
Alchemy Network Inventory - organize and record computer inventory
Financial Advisor - collection of financial tools and calculators
Coin Manage - manage your coin inventory
Bids and Quotes - Bids, Quotes, Estimator Software for small businesses
Invoice! 2002 - creating invoices and producing reports
Tight Budget Financial Assistant - keeping a eye on your bank balance
FeeFinder - ultimate eBay calculator
Easy Time & Billing - Time and Billing, Payroll Software for small businesses
Allnetic Workting Time Tracker - precise time tracking and accounting
Payroll Calculator 2001 - calculates your worked hours and your overtime hours
Simple Business Accounting - Designed for business owners
Currency Manage - program for Bank Note collectors
Exl-Plan Free - business plans
Biz-Plan - business guide/template
AnalyzerXL - Technical Analysis Software
MemberTies - a club membership database
Stamp Manage - organize and value your stamp collection Euro Converter - allows for quick conversion
Portfolio Tracker 2002 - individual investor
Home Bookeeping - money management
Budget - management your expenses and incomes
Invoice - management of invoices
PropertyTracker - management of invoices
Accurate ID Standard Inventory - inventory manager
AdminCentral Webtube Server - remotely administer multiple sites
Cafe Manager Webtube Server - manage cyber cafe billing
CVP Optimizer - planning, logistics and marketing models
Easy Money - money records
Split-Up Divorce Software - designed to help people going through divorce
Canididate Utility Program - calculate different job opportunities


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