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Popup Stopper -

stop those annoying popups!

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Internet Monitor
G-Lock Easy Mail
KeyLog Pro

NotePager Pro -

send sms or text messages to pagers and phones

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BBusiness / time management:

Darn! Don't Forget! - manage meetings and important tasks, never forget again! Send reminders to phones and pagers.

Birthday Bios- Track special events
Darn! Don't Forget! - schedule any event, and be reminded
My Personal Diary - journal or log for personal or business

MindIt! - Talking alarm clock

Secure Notes Organizer - daily planner

Remind! - show notifications

ProVersion's Date Dialogue - date tracking

ReadyVox - Reminders

AbsoNotec - keeping track

Cresotech PocketSafe - PDA-based tool

AgendaMax - manage appointments

HiNotes - reminder sticky notes

InfoMagic - Memory Aid & Organizer

Super Panel - ToolBar with sticky notes

QeepIt - ToDo-Lists

xReminder Pro - event-based personal information manager

TimeCard Plus - tracks employee time

KazPlan Personal Edition - scheduling utility for offices and conference facilities

T@imeCalc - administrate as easy as possible working time units

VendAbility - customer realtionship and contact management software

Smart WorkTime Tracker - track working hours

AyaNova - control over your entire service department

WinStik - sticky note 'reminders'

Business / calendar

Calendarscope - calendar program

Desktop Calendar - calendar

Family Calendar - calendar

CalendarPro - calendar

AiS Blooday - calendar

Veritime Time Tracker - task/activity time tracking application

abASE Diary - Electronic Diary and Calendar

OverApps - shared diary and more

VizAcc Diary - daily-diary, calendar, planner, free-form word processor

Active Desktop Calendar - customizable PIM displayed as your desktop

C-Organizer - personal information manager

AiS Conception & Contraception Calendar - determine cycle days

Active Desktop Calendar - customizable calendar

Easy Calendar - , just click on a date and type

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