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Utlities / desktop manager:

Advanced File Organizer - cataloging tool
Private Desktops - desktop management
Maple - file manager
Fast Folders - quick and easy access to folder contents and files
Access Folders - access to your most often used and favorite folders
TreeNote - data manager
Frigate - versatile file manager
1 Click & Go - Windows toolbar
Cool Desk - Desktop manager

Eluent Tools - collection of powerful file and folder tools

ANTey - tree structure
AltDesk - virtual desktops` manager
WinSettings - control windows desktop
Catalogue - file explorer utility
Reg Organizer - Manager of the Registry and Configuration Files
Deductus Disk Catalogue - disk catalog and personal full-text search engine
MagicTweak - optimize and personalize Windows XP/2000/Me/98 (98/98 SE)
QNote - sticky note program
Custom Popup - adjust windows popup menus
HotBar - favorites program
Iconic Tray - favorites program
Stop Windows - Utility for shutdown
Anti-lost CD Lite - ejects CD from CD-drive at Windows shutdown.
E-Library - manage all your books
Types Popup - adjust windows popup menus
Chameleon Desktop - advanced graphical utility
AL Folder Browser - convenient looking through your folders and files
Virtual Desk - a desktop manager
Easy File Protector -flexible password protected security
1 Click & Go - Windows toolbar
Iconic Tray - minimize any window

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