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Utilities / encryption & security:

Secure File - Encryption and compression program
Any Password - store and arrange all your passwords
Advanced Encryption Package 2001 - encrypt files
Atelier Web Security Port Scanner - network security
WinLock - control how long others can use your computer
Darn! Passwords! - keeps track of all those pesky passwords
WinBlocked - password protector utility
Big Crocodile - powerful, secure password manager
Canary - tell you what web sites are accessed
Sysguard - powerful security utility
CryptEon Encryption Software - DES file encryption
Security Administrator - password-protected security
WorkStation Lock - password protect your system
Windows Enforcer - protects systems that are accessible to many people
Folder Guard Professional - security program
Folder Guard Standard - security program
Folder Guard Lite - hide and restrict access
Windows Task Lock - password protect specified applications
Privacy Guard - Internet privacy protection
System Locker - Internet privacy protection
Stealth Encryptor - encryption technology to protect your sensitive data
Activity and Authentication Analyzer - records of both your online and off-line activity
Eldos Keeper - arrange confidential information
StormWindow - security
Shyfile 6144 Encryption - secured HTML-application
Alfa File Protector - file protection and hiding solution
DigiSecret - file encryption
Security Department - resident file system protector
DeviceLock - control over which users can access what devices
Authentication - control over which users can access what devices
PC Doorguard 2 - intrusion scanner
Invisible Secrets Pro - encrypt sensitive files
East-Tec Eraser - eliminate sensitive data
East-Tec Format Secure - format hard drive to eliminate sensitive data
Acronis ProofEraser - guarantees the destruction of data on selected partitions and/or entire disks
Winalysis - three integrated utilities
Amnesia Cache & Cookie Manager - clear all of these traces of cookies and cache
Personal Passworder - personal password manager.
Port Invader - list of IPs for open and closed ports
XLRSecTool for Windows - signing documents, applets, and applications
Internet Access Scheduler - control access to incoming/outgoing TCP/IP connections
Advanced Encryption Package 2002 Pro - file encryption
Advanced Encryption 2002- file encryption
Folder Shield 2001 - hide any folders completely and securely.
Annihilator - Permanently, safely and easily delete files
Tracks Eraser - erase the broswer's typed URLs,cache, cookies, history
WinSettings - tracks internet surfing
Password Lock Transparent Screen Saver - Password protect
Winvestigator - capture keystrokes and more
Access Administrator Pro - controlling access to files and folders
Advanced Security Administration - restrict access
Surf Spy - monitors the Internet activity on your computer
SysGuard - lock your computer
Access Manager for Windows - restrict access to to key features
1 Click & Lock - system tray security utility
ABC Security Protector - protect your PC by disabling some features
Access Administrator - Protect your files
Windows Lockup - computer security software
Access Lock - system-tray security utility
Security Administrator - Restrict access
CleanEm - safely remove unnecessary files
WatchDog - restrict and monitor the time
Start Up Pass - complete security control system
Visual Zip Password Recovery - recovering zip archive passwords
Password Keeper Expert - passwords and codes
Stealth Folder - hide any folder
PC Security - Lock down
Clipboard Clear - to secure your system
Random Password Generator - generate passwords
EldoS KeyLord - arrange confidential information

BootLocker - desktop security program

1st Security Agent - desktop security program

Control Kids Parental Control - desktop security program

ProBot SE - workstation monitoring tool

Anti-keylogger - virtual protection against keystroke monitoring

Security Administration - Restrict access

Process Logger - logs what programs have been started

Annihilator - file deletion application

NETobserve - web based surveillance and administration

Advanced Encryption Package 2002 - encrypt files

SafeData Technology Suite - create a virtual safe for totally private document storage

Activity & Authentication Analyzer - solutions to this serious user privacy problem

iOpus Password Recovery XP - password recovery utility

CryptoCrat 2002 - using strong BLOWFISH algorithm

1st Security Agent - password-protected security utility

Advanced Encryption Package - encryption

Visual Zip Password Recovery Program - password recovery


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