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Trusted Messenger - instant messaging for networks perfect for schools or offices! FEATURE

Communication / instant messanger

Trusted Messenger - secure network messaging!
Web Messenger - exchange messages with web visitors
Real Chat Software - chat software solution
ICQ Tools - popular ICQ internet pager
Red 5 Chat - real-time messaging and chatting
Secure Network Chat - solve all the problems in communication
Whos Calling - caller ID
Ariolic Popup Me - network messages
ICQ Fixer - patch the registry with the correct settings
ICQ Interest Search - Send messages to thousands of ONLINE ICQ users
Modem Spy - handy utility for phone calls recording
PC Telephone - pc-to-pc and pc-to-phone calls over Internet
Secure Network Communication Systems - text chat solution with encryption
CrypTalk - full-featured chat client
MessagePopupII - LAN Message Communication
MSNBot - Automated Responder for MSN Messenger
pClient Personal Peer to Peer - one on one chatting


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