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Email Messaging Solutions

Internet / mail server software:

WebGate - Internet/intranet paging software for mobile phones and pagers
The Bat! - email client
AD Mailbox Manager - browse your mailbox and view sender
WebCam Mail -sending video/voice mail faster and easier
eConvert for Outlook - Parse Incoming emails
7Way Email Checker - full-featured notification system
eReturn Detective - flag contacts that bounced emails
Mail Navigator - mail and news client
32Bit Email Searcher - searches e-mail addresses
JCBS Slice-It - slices up mail attachments
Mail Bomber - mailing lists, send bulk email
Email Spider Easy - email address search and extract
Netsecrets - monitoring e-mail traffic
LightingMail - managing and sending out large mailing lists.
KingMailer - bulk mailer
ZorMail - personal e-mail management system
Speaking Email Deluxe - Microsoft Agent characters to read your email messages
Active Email Monitor - check multiple accounts for email
Fast Email Spider - search tool to extract email address
Fast Email Searcher - email marketing tool
Mail REDirect - mail redirecting tool
Advanced Direct Remailer - powerful remailer and mass mailer
Advanced Email Extractor PRO - extract e-mail addresses from web-pages
Database Mail2All - extract e-mail addresses from web-pages
Autoroute SMTP - automatic switching between SMTP servers
Inbox Specialist - new mail checker
NetMailShar - mail server
42 Better Email Enable Everything - designate email
ePrompter - email retrieval and notification program
Router IP - email retrieval and notification program
Maxiimus - spam filtering and reporting
BayMail Pro - complete eBay email solution
Express Mail@Mate - email notification program
AutoMail - small utility
Mailbag Assistant - search, organize, analyze and archive your mountain of messages
007 Email Sender Express - bulk email direct sender program
MailSweep - browse your mailbox and view sender
Perfect Extractor - extract e-mail addresses
BayMail Pro - complete eBay email solution
Mail Express 2001 - a mail client application
Peek@Mail - email checking program
Advanced Mailist Verify - verifies the validity of e-mail addresses in databases
MailList King - use Microsoft Outlook as a Mailing List Server
JCBS SliceIt - slices a file (ie a mail attachment) into several smaller files.
Mach5 Mailer - send personalized email from a database
MailNavigator - mail and news client
Active MediaMagnet - press releases management
Advanced Mail Bomber - mailing list management
Email Address Juggler - sorting-out large numbers of email addresses
Bulk Email mailer - send information/notifications
Ticker My Mail - Add new features to your mail-client
DupeX - determine duplicated email addresses
Command Line E-Mailer - email from commandlines
Ad Mailbox Manager - browse your mailbox and view subject, sender, receiver, prior to downloading
Beijing Express Email Blaster - send 1000 emails per minute
Beijing Express Direct Email Blaster - bulk emailer
Valentines III Email Statoinary - stationery for use with Outlook and Outlook Express
eMill - reports and email
AtomPark Email Logger - spam prevention
Worm Detector - antivirus tool to fight off mail worms and spam
Mail Check - monitors your email accounts
MailSweep - browse mailbox and view sender
AD MailBox Manager - browse your mailbox and view subject, sender
Peek@Mail - email checking program
Advanced Mailbox Processor - owners names and e-mail addresses from the local files
SpamBurner - spam filtering tool
Beijing Express Maillist Manager - bulk email tool
RevilloC Mail Server Send and collect emails
Advanced Attachement Processor - extract attachments
Mail Direct - bypass mail server
Mailbox Verifier - notify of new mail
Advanced Maillist Verify - verify email addresses
Advanced Maillist Manager - process incoming messages /outgoing messages
Advanced Direct Remailer - mass mailer
Advanced Email Locator - processing e-mail address lists
Internet Drummer! - checking unlimited number of POP3 e-mail accounts
IzyMail - gateway application



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