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Utilities / miscellaneous:

Crystal Software - Text extraction and manipulation software solutions.

TextPipe Pro - powerful text-processing utility
Active Registry Monitor - utility designed for analysing the changes
Advanced WMA Catalog - catalog the drives with WMA files
Vykey Launcher - toolbar-type menu system
Active Cursor - toolbar-type menu system
Active Smart - monitor the S.M.A.R.T. parameters of the hard disk
CodeRed Hunter - Virus track and trace system
Virtual Drive Creator - performs this command from within Windows
Voiced Keyboard - HEAR what you are typing!
Active Keys - tool for creating and managing keyboard shortcuts
IntelliPoiter for Mouse - transforms your mouse or trackball into an ergonomic device
Tray Assistant - create key combinations
Magic Tweak - optimize and personalize Windows
R-Studio - data recovering and undelete software
Cacheman - performance enhancement
Alkonost Maxformat - format floppy disks to maximum capacity
Mouse Tamer - record everything your mouse
SuperCleaner - disk cleaner
File-Ex 98 - file management functions
Cresotech Easystart - monitor any program on your computer
WinTopMost Site - disable close buttons
Extractor - decompresses and unpacks archive files
Xselerator - hardware tool
GRDuw - disk utility
WinBatch - macro scripting language
WinRescue 95 - Four Utilities
Shensoft Power Launcher Plus - shut down
Active Task Manager - powerful tool for automating the execution of tasks
HiAppKiller - terminate apps
G-Lock Temp Cleaner - harddrive cleaner
ToolLite - Add images to you windows toolbars.
MediaChecker - check all your media

@Your Fingertips - menu of your favorite shortcuts

ToolsPackage - includes 31 small tools

diskSpace Explorer - space manager

OpenExpert - file associations

Absurd Terminator - routine Windows functions quicker

MemCheck Pro - automatically monitors and Optimizes System Resources

Keyboard Guardian - log keyboard clicks

FolderBox - extension for Windows Explorer

Acronis DiskEditor - flexibility of hard drives and partitions editing

Acronis OS Selector - partitioning and multibooting solutions

ABF Favorites - store, manage and access a list of frequently used folders

4 DiskClean Gold - Clean up and optimize your disks,

4 DiskClean Lite - Clean up and optimize your disks,

Registry Healer - cleanup tool

Cute Cleaner - Disk Clean Utility

System Scan - Scan your pc and see if anyone has access adult material

Advanced Systems Agent - multi-functional Windows utility

ASTRA - Advanced Sysinfo Tool - Detects 123 types of processors and coprocessors

Automotive Wolf - Car Care software

MACExplorer - Automatic connection to the Macintosh Servers

EasyConsole - MS DOS console

Fresh Diagnose - can analyze and benchmark many kinds of hardware

Stretch Break - helps prevent Repetitive Strain Injuries

Vykey Launcher - one click access to favorite shortcuts

Folder Clean - cleans your selected folders

Access Folders - Windows enhancement

Argentum MyFiles - multi-featured cataloging tool

Ad Search&Replace - search for the files

Power YMF - tweak your sound card

ABF Favorites Folders - compliment to the Windows Explorer shell

MindSoft Utilities XP - tools for Windows XP

HDD Temperature - checks and monitors the temperature of hard drives

ASTRA Advanced Sysinfo - checks and monitors the temperature of hard drives

QuadRate - power tool for Windows

MouseAround - change mouse appearance

100xCD - increase CD speed

Advanced Startup Manager -automatically launches a number of programs

Whaddayagot -map out your network

Cursor Hider - removes mouse pointer from a working place

Keyboard Guardian -Records every keyboard touch and mouse click

Attribute Magic Pro - change file dates and attributes

STG FolderPrint Plus - Print and visualize your folders

Advanced CATalouger - look through all CDs

Macro Express - create timesaving macros

EZ Extract Resource -

System Crash Monitor -

Fresh UI - configuring and optimizing Windows

Fast Cleaner - disk clean utility

EZ Wizard - simple point and click interface

iTrack Enterprise - database for tracking, reporting, and analyzing internal

doQuments - easily store, manage and retrieve paper

Flash Saver - flash_saver.html

CpuUsage System -monitor system usage

AD Search & Replace - monitor system usage

BADF - checking free space on your disk

Oracle Session Manager - tool for monitoring how connected sessions

DustBuster - garbage file removing utility

TIMER - home automation


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