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Utilities / MP3 & sound programs:

ABView - player of multimedia files
DSP Spectrum Tool for Winamp - real-time professional spectrum analyzer
RockOn! - sonic blasts controlled by playing a harmonica
ChordGuitar - intended for guitar users
MP3 Wav Converter - all-in-one tool to convert batches of MP3 files
Active MP3 DJ Studio - helps adding sound playback and sound mixing
32-bit AudioPlus - playback MPEG-audio files
VisiTrax - catalog MP3 files
Advanced MP3 Catalog - catalog MP3 files
Advanced MP3 Catalog Pro - catalog MP3 files
Abyss Audio Collection - MP3, WMA Organizer and Tagger
Alt MP3 Screensaver Player - make a slideshow from a collection of pictures
Sound Pilot - creates the romantic sound atmosphere
The Shiznit - visualization plugin
Tag & Rename - organizing and archiving your library of music files
Audio Notes Recorder - voice notes systray application
CD Roller - low- and high-level Data and Audio CD management
Advanced MP3 Search - helps you to find and retrieve MP3 and WAV files
CoolCD Studio - AudioCD player
MediaMixer - to assemble pictures, videos, sounds, texts, animations
JCB Sound Manager - Detect if a sound card is present 2/ Play and stop Wave fil
Audio Converter - converting, ripping, transforming and recording all types of audio files
Audio Writer - customized Audio CD's
Atropos-SB - 16-channels system for recording and archiving speech information
Guitar Power - Quickly and effectively learn to use scales,
MP3 Tag Clinic - Display all your tag data from all files in a folder
Advanced Encode Decode Tools - Hi-Fi sound compression algorithms
WMA Encoder - Decoder - an audio convertor
Arturo's Sombra - Recording collection database
Virtuosa Phoenix Edition - music & movie jukebox
Claudio - Audio recorder
Advanced Audio Ripper - Powerful Audio CD grabber
Music Database 2000 - cataloging your entire music collection
Microsing Karaoke Recorder - cataloging your entire music collection
Echoview Pro - music sequencer software
Fast CD Ripper - converting your audio-CD collection
Dapyx MP3 Explorer - Organizing a large MP3 audio collection
MP3 to Decoder and Converter- convert your digital audio
VAMP Media Center- convert your digital audio
Super MP3 Recorder - complete recording studio
ATTS - powerfull text to speech utility
Audio Conversion Wizard - convert your digital audio
Atropos-SB - system for recording and archiving speech information
32-bit AudioPlus - playback MPEG-audio files
SoundManager - Tool for organizing
Dictation 2000 - Speech Recognition Dictation
MP3-Tag Generaotr - modifying MP3-Tag
Music Catalog - manage all your records
Advanced Audio CD Ripper - manage all your records
MP3 Detective - search all your music folders
All To WMA Converter - convert your digital audio files
VAMP Media Center -
Music Catalouge - manage all your records, cd's, tapes and MP3's
JPlayer - manage all your records, cd's, tapes and MP3's
10-Strike MP3 Scanner - find mp3s
MultiWave - sound samples via a hotkey
Audio Conversion Wizard - convert your digital audio
MP3 HTML Generator - Create MP3 HTML
Pirem CD Cataloguer - organize collection of your DVDs
Voiced Keyboard - vocalise the text you are typing


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