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Business / productivity

NotePage, Inc. - When communication is critical, consider alphanumeric paging and wireless messaging software from NotePage! Includes scheduled messaging solutions.

Newswatch - monitor the web page
Darn! Don't Forget - schedule any event, and be reminded
Advanced Call Center - software answering machine for your voice modem
Advanced Call Recorder - records telephone conversations to your computer's hard disk
Form Pilot - designed for filling in paper forms
Smart Work Time Tracker - track worktime
txtPro - motivation/inspiration and personal growth tool
Easy Write 2000 - formatting tools
Boxer Text Editor - full-featured text editor
NotePro - rich-text editor and word processor
Finders Keepers - search files, replace text,
SunyNotePad - open/edit and print multiple text based files
MonkeyMind - a free self-help chatterbot
Mega Motivator Gold - motivation/inspiration and personal growth tool
Advanced Biorythm 2001 - forecasts your emotional, physical, intellectual, and intuitional activity
Form Pilot Office - designed for filling out electronic forms of any type
Password Central - Store all your passwords
Effective Goal Setting - self-help chatterbot
Catalog Organizer Deluxe - create and manage all kinds of catalogs
NoteTab Light - Notepad replacement
Poster - makes big posters, signs, and banners
FormTool LT - effective forms management
TurboCAD Pro Trial - CAD Software
Form Pilot Home - fill out forms
Smartworks - collaboration tool
MindModel - collect and view any information in new ways (database)
AyaNova - control over your entire service department
Form Validation Wizard - validate the user input in web forms
Classified Connection - add, update, and delete" classified sites"
Maintenance Parts Bin - system for keeping inventories of parts
Compleat Angler - fund raising software
iXtract - generates extracts and summarises documents
Form Pilot Pro - designed for filling in paper forms
jWorkbook - Get Database information directly into your spreadsheet
Alert Phone - Call notification
Argentum Coolbase - versatile information manager
AllNetic Working Time Tracker - Tracks how much time you spend
Maple Professional - flagship of the tree outline managers
AnyCard - credit card processing software

Break Reminder - monitors

ROSIM Systems Simkit - Event Simulator
Allnetic Working Time Tracker - Tracks how much time you spend on different projects
Efficienct Work Cost Calculator - Calculation software for machine shops
NoteMagic - text editor
TradeKeeper - downloads your online stock
Advanced File Organizer - catalog files and folders
Recruiter Utility Program - calculate different recruiting opportunities
HomeCost Estimator for Excel - Cost Estimating System.
The PC Technicians Guide to Profits - home-based computer service
Win Squared Problem Solver - tactics for solving common negotiation
Atlantis Ocean Mind - word processing

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