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the delphi collection

Programming Tools
Business / clipboards:

PageGate - add paging/messaging functionality to existing software
DZSoft Perl Editor - a tool for writing, editing, and debugging Perl CGI scripts
TxtEditor - editor for text or Rich text files
A Scrolling Text Applet - Java applet that will automatically size itself
Case Studio 2 - designing and management tool
SIB Provider Interbase OLE DB - flexible and robust OLE DB provider
ESB PCS for VCL - Professional Computation Suite
Table Magic - effective tool for working with Oracle objects
Wasp Static Error Checker - Wasp analyser can help to detect subtle run-time errors
JCB Credit Card Validator - simple ActiveX DLL.
VB Code Explorer - source code repository
TOAD - simplifies database administration tasks
CiB NetStation - cyber cafe software
RegXmaker - Visual Tool for Building Regular Expressions
easyNN - creation of neural networks
TracPlus Win32 - APIs
MySQL DAC - applications with direct access to MySQL DB
MySQL Server Manager - manage MySQL services
PE Explorer - troubleshooting tool for Delphi and C++
ProxyDesigner - graphical UML software design tool

ASADAC - BDE replacement for Delphi

Interbase Permission Configurator - administration utility for Borland Interbase

Team Remote Debugger - trace any number of code units

CDBF - DBF Viewer and Editor - DB viewer and editor

SQLAPI+++ Library - accessing multiple SQL databases

Cryptocx Control - add powerful encryption

Baseconv - Convert programming formats

BG ASCII - interactive ASCII graphic tool

Software Administration Kit - interactive ASCII graphic tool

TextPipe Pro - powerful text-processing utility

1Way - create a time-limited trial version

ParseRat - parse data

VxDWriter - tool for developing virtual device drivers

Blueshell Active Tables - database grid!

Visual XML Writer - solution for XML-based software development

ESBPCS for VCL - D5 Trial - supplies over 6000 Routines/Methods

Active Wizard - easy-to-use ActiveX control

PADGen - distribute applications easily

Delphi Source formatting Wizard - source code formatter.

PostgresDAC - replacement for Delphi 4-6 and BCB 5

IBasic - easy to use IBasic language

DZSoft Perl Editor - a tool for writing, editing, and debugging Perl CGI scripts

FlatAll for Delphi - create new "face" for the app

JCB InfileLlibrary ActiveX - manage easily INI files

JCB Credit Card Validator - cc validator

SocketWrench Freeware - simplifies Windows Sockets programming

Ghost Installer Studio - spares you time to learn a new scripting language

VizAcc C++ Formatter - source code formatter

HEX Editor I - Hexadecimal Editor

SQLBoss Developer - ultimate Database & Content Management System

LineCounter - counts the number of source code lines

Rad2TheMaxVB - Bug Logger

ArtificialNeuronalNetwork - artificial intelligence

Cavaj Java Decompiler - Reconstruct java source code from CLASS files

Background Music Component - Background music

Version Control Master for Interbase - control versions

Report Master for Interbase - reports

O-Schema - database mapping

TurboDemo - online program demo

JiveLint - static analysis on your JAVA source code

EMS QuickDesk - powerful tools for InterBase/FireBird administration

EMS MySQL Manager - powerful tools for InterBase/FireBird administration

AdeptSQL Workshop - powerful tools for InterBase/FireBird administration

CodeDepot - professional source code

NoteTab Light - professional source code

Ready, Aim, Test - volume testing and benchmarking

Unitix Site Documenter - documenting your website development projects.

Parametric 2D Components - from textual declarations

WinBatch - scripting language

XLRDoc Builder for Linux - maintain either online and offline HTML-based documents

XLRDoc Builder for Windows - maintain either online and offline HTML-based documents

UltimaShell - autocompletes words/phrases

PostgresDES - to create Delphi/BCB5 applications

EJB XML Editor - modification of the deployment descriptors in the JARs

iBasic -Create stand-alone Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP programs, games and utilities

Shareware Workshop - track program progress

gjStringsUtils COM Component - useful string manipulation

ABF Splash Screen - create own splash screen

CodeVista II - store and organize snippets of code

ColorConverter - to convert various color-codes

SoftReports Viewer - ActiveX control

MetaTree Component - ActiveX control

Order Form Source Code - Visual Basic source code

Active File Compare - utility for comparison and synchronization

MBBuilder -

MSADODAC - MSSQL BDE replacement



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