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EEducational / Puzzles

Tick-Tack-Toe Master - ancient logical game
Advanced Worm - simple but challenging version of the classic Worm game
Animated Puzzles - A puzzle game for all ages.
Marios Balls - office puzzle game Lines
Jumping Balls - mix of a game
Maxwell's Demon - game that has a bit of science behind it
Brickshooter - combinatorial mindgame
Color Spreading - logic game
Triaggio - a puzzle game that challenges you to flip and spin the pieces
FreeTetris V - standard tetris game and other variations
Brainers - develops logic and problem-solving skills.
Snowman - word game for one to four children
Tetcolor for Windows - arcade-style challenging logic game
MVP Checkers - classic game of Checkers
Fox Hunting - minesweeper
Jigs@w Puzzle Promo Creator - promotional jigsaw puzzle games
Dynamic Lines - Lines game with different skill levels.
Aardword Crossword Word Puzzles - dictionary searcher
Aargon Deluxe - game will test your skills
Align It! - highly addictive game
Blobs - rendition of Peg Solitaire
Hangaroo - Guess the phrases by selecting letters
Click 'n Slide - slider puzzle
TEA Crossword Helper - Solves anagrams
Mini-Avalanche - traditional board game
Absolute Memory - guess all pair cards
RotoBlox - nine different Tetris-clone games
BrickShooter for Windows CE - mind games
Worm 2000 - classic arcade worm-like game
Absolute Tetris Cup - six different kinds of tetris
A-MindPack - bundle includes four implementations of games
Discovera - xonix game uncover picture
Puzzlic Advanced - new generation of puzzle games
Sympathy Crossword Construction - create professional quality crosswords
Quiptics - Real cryptograms
Enigmacross - Solve and construct professional acrostics
Crossdown - Solve and construct professional crosswords
Amazing Kye - Series of visual puzzles
QuadroX - puzzle game
FlipFlop - like reversi with additional features
VMCoolumns - original logic game

Alter Jig - tile jigsaw puzzle game

Christmas Puzzles 2002 - themed jigsaw puzzles

ConnectOrb - 3D game of strategy

ALife GameStation - create rival colonies of virtual germs

Bubbly FlyTrix - tetris-style arcade game

AlterJig - tetris-style arcade game

Bubble Golden Pack - puzzle bundle

Combat Engineer - Mine Sweeper style game

Bubble Thriller - arcade style game

Advanced Gomoku - ancient logical game

Amazing Kye Pocket Edition - visual puzzles

Focus It - picture puzzle game

Spot It - find the differences

Puzzleland - remix collection

X-Cube - rubics puzzle

Gem Zone - create rows of three in this original and addictive puzzle game

Bubbles - Bubble puzzle game

2001 Tetriz - 3 addictive Tetris - like games in full 3D

Gem Slider - puzzle game on a board

ClickPuzzle - arcade-style puzzle game

5 Star Word Engine - scrabble/boggle puzzle game

3D Soma Puzzle - three-dimensional logic game

Miner - multi-level arcade game

JongPuzzle - tile solitaire game

GreenFace the Virtual Reality - arcade puzzle maze

Boa Constrictor - labyrinth game

CubeFly - cube puzzle game

TEA Crossword Helper - Solves anagram clues

ConnectOrb - Based on the ancient game GoMoku

Pirate Isles - game of strategy and luck


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