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Educational Games

Educational Games and More

Educational / Reading Games

Animated Words - spelling program
Animated Spelling - spelling program
Animated Beginning Phonics - teaches phonics
Word Quiz - powerful tool for vocabulary learning
Universal Reader - Learn how to speed read
Bookreader - Reading electronic texts
Vocab Builder for Windows - General Vocabulary
Text-Reader Dictionary - defines as it you read
SourceSpell - spelling checker
Activity Book - educational preschool activities
Aquatars Fables - Colorful and fun storybook
Vocabulary Fitness - self-paced skill-building software
Grammar - improve grammar skills
Accu-Reading - short non-fiction selections
Business English Fitness - grammar improvement
Sentences - database of various sentences in any language
Lecteur - speed read using Lectuer
Universal Reader - speed read
CoReader - Triple your reading rate
Easy ABC - introduction to numbers, the alphabet
5 Star Word Editor - similar to boggle/scrabble
Lettris - Letter blocks

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