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NotePager Pro -
allows SMS message to be sent free of charge!

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Specials & Features !!

PopCap Games

*Huge* assortment of educational games and interactive games for children and adults alike!! Games play right in your browser. They're all 100% java, so no downloads or plug-ins are needed.

Kool Karaoke

Plays songs purchased from Over 2000 songs available Record your performance in WMA format Plays both MIDI and Digital Song formats Attractive new interface Playlist capabilities.

Roxie's Reading Fish & Other Educational Software

Children learn to read basic, high-frequency words, playing "Go Fish" with Roxie. Additionally, parents and teachers can record their own words, and create word lists for use in the game, greatly extending the educational value and the age-level of the product. And, the "reward" game provided after each session of "Go Fish" is educational also! You can now use your own images in Roxie's picture frame on the main program screen. This allows the game to be customized with images of your child, pet, art work, etc.


Non-violent and educational games for the whole family.... quality and addictive computer games with friendly interface and attractive graphics.

NotePager Pro
$ 32.95*

Communication is critical in todays competitive business world. NotePager Pro allows small businesses to compete in big business, by providing an affordable yet powerful messaging solution. NotePager Pro supports pre-programmed messages, scheduled paging, on-call paging, and group paging, in a robust, yet easy to use desktop application.

When time is an issue, NotePager Pro is the answer. It allows for office personnel to contact remote staff in minutes, messages are quickly sent to to alphanumeric pagers, and/or cell phones.
*holiday special price includes shipping and gift wrapping!

ULead Photo Impact

Ulead produces multimedia software for users of all levels. Whether you're into video editing, DVD authoring, photo editing, or interested in Web design, we have the software for you. Along with desktop programs, Ulead also carries a range of server-based solutions and royalty-free media.

Academic Superstore

Software for students, teachers, schools and parents interested in quality educational software.

Innovative Multimedia

Math, language, science, social studies, poetry: Educational software proven to help students learn...


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