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software sends text or SMS messages to mobile phones and pagers

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Recent Featured Software

8/15/02 Trusted Messenger - secure instant messaging
7/26/02 Advanced Administrative Tools - keep your network secure
7/14/02 East Tec Eraser - removes data from old hard drives
6/28/02 PageGate - messaging server
6/9/02 Advanced Direct Remailer - batch email and newsletter mailing
6/2/02 Advanced Maillist Verify - verify email addresses in your mailing list.
4/29/02 SureThing CD Labeler - create labels for CD ROMs with software
4/21/02 Babel Fish Direct - translation software
4/7/02 Alchemy Eye - network monitoring
03/31/02 Crossdown - create crosswords and more!
03/18/02 Brain Builder - stimulate your brain!
03/11/02 ChemLab - symulation lab software
02/28/02 WebWatchBot - network monitoring software
02/01/02 NotePager Net - network paging software
01/20/02 Turbo Demo - demonstration software
01/20/02 KazPlan Personal Edition - scheduling
01/07/02 ClockWise - time management utility
01/01/02 Advanced Call Center - software answering machine
12/17//01 Lighthouses of America- beautiful scenic lighthouses
12/07/01 Snowman - Popular Hangman played with a snowman
11/25/01 NotePager Pro - Alphanumeric paging and wireless messaging software
11/6/01 Darn! Don't Forget! - Reminders and More
10/28/01 MicroAngelo - Icons
10/21/01 Animated States & Capitals - learn the states & capitals

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