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Windows Help and Help Compiler Features Supported

  • Topic pages
  • Links and 'popup' windows to other topics, including optional 'picture hotspots', macros and 'windows'
  • Browse sequence support
  • Ability to place bitmaps in help files
  • Fonts, colours, bold and italic text
  • Header files
  • Context identifiers
  • Locking of and changing colour of top of Windows Help page
  • Start up macros
  • Changing of 'non-scrollable' and 'client' area colours in Windows Help
  • Compiler configuration - warning levels, CD ROM, compression etc
  • Configuration of 'windows'

Product Features

  • Projects to group individual topic files for a specific application
  • Topics can be stored in separate files or a single file in order that they may be shared between projects
  • Toolbar selection of many facilities and status bars
  • Error checking on project building
  • Project Wizard to create a basic project
  • Fully integrated and context sensitive Windows Help file including 'How to..' section
  • Can create Help files for VB, C/C++, PowerBuilder etc - any language supporting Windows Help and passing of context numbers
  • Ability to insert RTF commands
  • Automatic creation of .HPJ and .RTF files - no need for you to look at an HPJ file ever again!
  • Comprehensive sample demonstration help file project
  • Multi-tasking during compilation - no 'DOS' windows!
  • Help files 'testable' from within HelpBuilder
  • Configurable compiler. Can run 32 bit compilers under Windows 95/NT
  • Topic locator - standard 'expandable' list which contains all the files in your project including topics, icons, headers and bitmaps
  • In-built text macros and user-definable text macros
  • Integrated Spell Checker
  • Style Sheets

Contact Info -
O/S - Win 3.1x,Win95,Win98,WinNT 3.x,WinNT 4.x,Windows2000
Version - 2.03
Cost - $79
File Size - 1.2 MB

Discount Information: 15% Discount to non-profit and/or academic institutions.

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