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NetBlock Pro

by RedCat S.O.F.T.

Description: The NetBlock Pro program is created to operate with computer's shared resources. The main distinction of this program from its analogues is the ability of on-the-fly notification on the fact of a user's connection (by means of Local area network or the Internet) to the shared resources of your computer. This program has the following features: displaying data on the shared resources, connected users and opened files; adding, removing and editing resources; creating hidden shared resources; disconnecting single user and/or all users; closing the file opened by a user and/or closing all files; managing the OS security parameters for shared resources; resource blocking (it is assured that no user will be able to access the blocked resource); monitoring users' connections to the resources and displaying on-line information on all the connections; selecting resources to be controlled; creating a log file on users' connections; filtering options for the output information; convenient interface; integration to your OS and other unique functions. Visit the RedCat S.O.F.T. web site ( to obtain new versions and updates to our programs and to get more detailed information on our other products and the company itself. Enjoy NetBlock Professional!

Contact Info -
O/S - Win95,Win98,WinNT 4.x,WinXP,Windows2000
Version - 1.33
Cost - $19.95
File Size - 0.67 MB

Discount Information: 5%

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