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by JBS Games

Description: Puzzleland is a remix collection of the great puzzle games. This version contains four different games such as Perplex, Puzzlic, Atomic and Clone. The new games will be added in the future.

Perplex is a little mind game. You have a series of pieces with matching symbols and move the pieces by swapping them with adjacent pieces. The purpose of the game is to move two or three matching symbols next to each other, and then these pieces will disappear. When a piece disappear, it leave a gap. You cannot move pieces across gap, and so if you leave an unmatched piece, isolated then you have lost. The game is inspiried by the old game Moveon.

Puzzlic is a fast paced arcade game, the objective is to move two or more blocks of the same type together, when you do that they disapear. When you've removed all the blocks you've won the level. Strategy and quick thinking are a must in this addictive new game. Puzzlic offers 100 exciting levels of play. This game is a must for those who like challenges! Are you a Master Puzzlic?

Atomic is a Sokoban game clones where you have to build molecules out of single atoms laying around. Once you have pushed an atom in one direction it moves until it hits an obstacle or another atom. During the movement of an atom, no other atom can be selected and no direction change can take place. The molecula can be assembled anywhere on the board. The game is inspiried by the old game Atomix.

Clone is a very simple puzzle game. Simple in the concept, The goal of the game is to arrange the blocks to match the pattern on the right of your game screen. Quick thinking are a must in this addictive little game. Great fun for all ages.

All game levels are a time limit, You must finish the level before the time passes. If any time left after completion, the time value will be added to your bonus time.

Contact Info -
O/S - Win95,Win98,WinME,Windows2000
Version - 1.0
Cost - $19.95
File Size - 5.4 MB

Discount Information: 14% discount for academic institutions is available on demand

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