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by DAIR Computer Systems

Description: TinySetup installs and removes programs, adding less than 12K (typical) to download.

TinySetup includes a TinyPLD2 compiler, which compiles a script. There is no fixed run-time. Every statement is compiled and code is included in your customized installer only when necessary.

Facilities include registry keys, desktop links, program (start menu) groups, and shell to DOS. A separate zip compress or other file packer is required to bundle the files. TinySetup extends such utilities to allow them to serve as full installers.

The example script and documentation shows how new file associations can be created simply and efficiently. The removal program will automatically remove the associations from the registry when the program is removed. Unlike other installers that leave behind an uninstall stub that is as large as 140KB, TinySetup implements and documents how to do a complete removal, leaving no files or directories behind.

TinySetup is targeted at complete programs, ones that do not download and install shared DLLs. TinySetup does not have provision for registering reference counts to shared DLLs, doing conditional version upgrade, removing shared DLLs during removal if your program is the last to use, or any of the other headaches associated with sharing DLLs. TinySetup is compatible with non-shared DLLs, ones that are installed in your program files private directory.

TinySetup is also targeted at minimal nag installations. The user is presented with an optional OK or cancel choice at the start of install or remove and an optional OK at the completion. The text and title bars of these dialogs are user customizable.

TinySetup produces a single executable for both install and remove. After download, that executable spawns a modified copy of itself to implement program install and remove in separate executables. This combining during download conserves bandwidth by nearly 2X over downloading the two files separately.

Contact Info -
O/S - Win95,Win98,WinME,WinXP,Windows2000
Version - 1.1
Cost - $39.95
File Size - 0.12 MB

Discount Information: Take next level quantity discount (i.e. quantity 1 earns qantity 2-4 volume discount and so on) as posted at Discount must be taken via email to Mention this offer, cite NPSoft, and describe qualifications for discount. Not valid when combined with other discounts.

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